OkayGo offers Geolocation tracking

Published on January 03, 2022 by OkayGO

The new-age advancements have led to the evolvement of technology, which has helped humankind by making life easier. One of the many advancements that we all see around is geolocation tracking or GPS. 

Developed in the 1970s mainly for military use, GPS was opened for commercial development only in 1995.

It is also the basis for the electronic navigator in your car and on your smartphone. Without it, Uber and Google Maps just wouldn’t work.

Recently OkayGo also started offering geolocation tracking for all its delivery riders to benefit both the companies and the riders. The tracking system provides an up to date location of the rider which ensures the safety of the rider, while also helping the companies he/she is working for to keep a track of the rider’s activities. 

Before we discuss further the initiative by OkayGo, let us know what geolocation tracking is and how it can be helpful. 

What is geolocation tracking?


The use of location technologies such as GPS or IP addresses to identify and track the whereabouts of linked electronic devices is referred to as geolocation. Because these gadgets are frequently carried on a device being used by the person, geolocation is frequently used to track and monitor people's movements and locations. 

Is Geo tracking legal?

Geolocation allows users to receive all forms of information in real-time from any device connected to the Internet, as well as pinpoint the user's location at any given time. The cornerstone for location-positioning services and location-aware applications is geolocation technology (apps) 

What is the purpose of geolocation?

Without the employee's consent, an employer cannot follow their location. If the company offers to warn and the employee agrees, the employer is likely to be able to follow their location legally. Almost every state has its own set of privacy laws, which can be difficult to decipher.

How does geolocation work?

Time rather than geography is the key to geolocation. That's why GPS satellites include atomic clocks that measure the decay of radioactive isotopes to tell time. The clocks are in sync with one other and with ground clocks. Small faults in the clocks are repaired every day to the extent that they occur. And it's for this reason that GPS relies on accurate timekeeping. A commercial GPS system has a general accuracy of around 3 metres (10 feet). 

Why OkayGo is offering Geolocation?

OkayGo is a hiring platform, that provides blue-collar employees with a chance to increase their earnings by ensuring efficient use of their time. OkayGo has partnered with various MNCs like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Delhivery and many more, and help the companies with delivery riders to complete their deliveries. With OkayGo an individual in 4 easy steps can apply for a delivery job and work for more than one company at the same time. 


Step 1:

Download the OkayGO app from the Playstore

and log in with your mobile number. 

Step 2: Complete your profile by mentioning your basic details. 

Step 3: You will be shown a list of jobs that are available for you. You can filter the jobs based on your location. 

Step 4: Apply for the job, you want to work for. 

Within 24 hours you will receive a call from OkayGo executive for the further process and in the next 2-3 days you can start your delivery job. 

OkayGo is a job portal for both men and women. During the pandemic, many individuals who lost their jobs started their careers again and are now doing exceptionally well in their work. 

Change is the only constant, and incorporating the changing technology is always a way to move forward. This was the reason why OkayGo introduced the geolocation tracking system in its app. This feature has various benefits:


  1. Women Safety: Over the years the number of female delivery partners has increased, which has led to questions on their safety. To ensure complete safety and a safe working environment for women, OkayGo has introduced geolocation tracking. This helps our executives in keeping a track of each female delivery rider and ensuring that they are not in any trouble and are safe during their job. 

Whether it is men or women, it is important to keep a track of each delivery rider. This helps in protecting all the individuals and keeping them safe from all trouble. 

  1. Helps the companies: Through the geolocation tracking, the MNCs that the delivery riders are working for can keep a check on all the riders and ensure that they are working. It also helps in keeping a track of all delivery riders. 
  2. Finding shorter routes: With the help of geo-tracking, the delivery riders can find shorter routes to their destination. This saves a lot of money on transportation, saves time and ensures that the delivery is done on time, in the most efficient way possible.  
  3. Low operational cost: Organizations can make better business decisions and cut operating costs by having real-time access to the data that matters most to them. Having immediate access to data allows firms to immediately detect problems and implement remedies, reducing costs that would have been incurred if the situation had lasted longer. 

GPS trackers can help with process digitization and data gathering, ensuring that the relevant data is collected and kept in a central location that is accessible to all team members. Fleets may streamline administrative operations such as pre-trip inspections, work dispatch, and proof of delivery by digitising them. This allows their staff to focus on getting the job done.

  1. Increases productivity: Increased productivity saves both time and money. Businesses may monitor time spent at job sites or loading bays with a GPS fleet tracking system and work to ensure drivers are more productive. Businesses can also save waste by ensuring that the nearest driver is directed to a job. 

Logistics and supply chain firms can use geo-tracking to better manage their fleets of vehicles. Geo-tracking aids in the tracking of cars and the recommendation of better routes. It also helps to reduce the number of accidents by keeping track of vehicle speed. In the event of an accident, geo-tracking assists in immediately coordinating assistance or taking required actions. 

The geo-tracking features of OkayGo can assist businesses in simplifying and safeguarding their fleet in the most efficient way possible. The solution delivers detailed information on how drivers operate their automobiles or devices. It can also send out alerts to concerned individuals in the case of a theft or accident, allowing police to respond quickly.


Smartphones have become a common gadget that all of us carry and make the most out of it. Geolocation tracking in the OkayGo app is an initiative in the same direction. Having location services switched on is essential for getting the most out of your smart device.

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