Maximise Your Earnings! Earn from Two Jobs in One Day

Published on November 14, 2021 by OkayGo

The recent COVID situation took everyone by storm. Apart from the virus that created fear among people, the large scale on which people lost their jobs did not go unnoticed. In such a situation, the people who remained unaffected were the ones who maximized their earnings by creating two sources of income. 

If you are someone who too is looking to maximize their income, this article will help increase your earnings by optimising your time with the best jobs. 

How to maximize your earnings?

With the growth of e-commerce companies in India, delivery partners play an important role in their growth. Companies are always on the lookout for good drivers who can help deliver their products on time. If you are a good driver and looking to earn extra money, then these are the jobs for you. Some of the companies are: 

  1. Delivery Job in Zomato: Every year Zomato hires hundreds of delivery partners to help in delivering the food from the restaurants to the customers. If you too would like to be a delivery driver, Apply Now in Zomato 
  2. Delivery Job in Amazon: An international e-commerce company that has established itself as an online store for electronics, grocery, fashion, stationery and more, Amazon is always on the lookout for good drivers to help deliver their packages. Apply to Amazon Now
  3. Delivery Job in Swiggy: Similar to Zomato, Swiggy also is an online food delivery company that allows customers to order food from their nearby restaurants without stepping out of the house. Apply to Swiggy Now
  4. Delivery Job in Flipkart: An e-commerce company, Flipkart offers the customers a wide range of items in the category of electronics, books, home decor items and more. The customers can order everything online and get it delivered at home. Apply to Flipkart Now 

5 ways you can maximize earnings from your work

Even while doing a delivery job, you can increase your income by various methods. Based on testimonials of various drivers associated with us, the 5 ways in which you can maximize your earnings from work are:

  1. Multiple Jobs: In the covid situation, doing multiple jobs has become the new norm. Everyone is looking to ensure their jobs by taking up multiple jobs that help increase their earnings. You too can opt for multiple delivery jobs with OkayGo. 
  2. Be efficient in your work: Ensuring that you are efficient in your work and making the best use of your time will be of great help. The faster you complete your delivery, the more you will get. 
  3. Optimise the festival times: Diwali, Holi, Christmas is the best season to increase your earnings. This is the festive time when lots of orders are placed and thus the number of deliveries also increases. This is the time that applying for multiple delivery jobs will help you earn extra money. The Amazon Big Billion Day Sales, the Flipkart’s Big Diwali Sale are the times when OkayGo delivery partners har din 4000 se upar kama rahe hai! 

Yeh dekhiye! Sabh bag bhar bhar ke deliveries ke liye ja rahe hai!

Aap bhi OkayGo ke saath delivery partner ban kar, apni earning double kar sakte hai! Aaj hi Play Store par OkayGo Eflex app download kare!

  1. Be polite: Every company has a rating system for their delivery riders. If you are polite and humble with the customers during delivery, it will increase your rating and in turn help you get more deliveries in the future. During delivery, you can ask the customers to give you a star rating on the delivery app. 
  2. Choose Your Timings wisely: Timings also play a key feature in your earnings. Choosing the right time based on your availability and the deliveries available can increase your earnings. 

The above 5 factors can be of great help to you in delivery jobs to ensure that your earnings increase and you are paid well for your hard work and time. 

How to get multiple delivery jobs?

If you are worried about how to get multiple delivery jobs then you are at the right place. OkayGo was established to increase the earnings of blue-collar employees. In doing so they ensure that delivery riders are provided a good income for their work.


OkayGo allows delivery partners to apply for multiple jobs at once and manage all of them simultaneously using the OkayGo app. Some benefits that OkayGo offers are: 

Ensuring delivery: OkayGo has partnered with all the large companies offering delivery jobs. This guarantees that all the delivery partners associated with OkayGo get work during their working hours. It also ensures that in the case of multiple jobs, all the deliveries are so managed that there is no problem faced by the rider. 

  1. Highest Paying Delivery Jobs: OkayGo also ensures that all its riders are given high paying delivery jobs so that you are not wasting your time on low-income jobs. 
  2. One-stop for all queries: OkayGo ensures that you do not have to deal with multiple companies to balance both jobs. You only register on OkayGo and our executives handle all your extra work in the companies you are working for. 
  3. Transparent Payment: The payment for each work done by the rider is clearly reflected in the OkayGo app. The complete delivery and payment system is very transparent and if the rider has any doubts they can get in touch with the OkayGo executive. 
  4. Advance payment: In case of emergencies, OkayGo also offers advance payments to its riders.
  5. Security: Whether it is a woman or a man, OkayGo offers complete safety and insurance to all its riders. 
  6. Easy apply and onboarding: The complete system of applying for a job and the onboarding system in OkayGo is very simple and using just the okayGo app you can now get a job and start earning instantly.

Delivery Jobs for women

In the changing times where women too are helping their households financially, a delivery job has become open to women as well. The delivery jobs for women are safe and if you have a valid driving license and experience riding, you can become a rider Now with OkayGo. 

Women are offered special safety and the GPS ensures that their location is known to the team at all times. Women can now earn for their families and become financially free.


  1. Will I make more money with 2 jobs?

You can earn more and increase your money by doing more than 1 delivery job. At first, it may seem difficult, but OkayGo has made the entire system very transparent and efficient for both the rider as well as the company. OkayGo ensures that all its riders are provided jobs instantly after they join.

If you are opting for multiple jobs with OkayGO, you can rest assured that your hourly earnings will multiply. 

  1. How can I make 1000 a day?

Gone are the days where earning Rs 1000 a day was a difficult task. Now with the many e-commerce companies, delivery jobs have become the new age jobs that can help you earn up to Rs 1000 per day or more. 

  1. Can you work two jobs at once?

Yes, with OkayGo you can work on more than two jobs at once. Here’s what some of our best riders who are doing two jobs at once have to say:




More than one job se paisa double might seem like a scam earlier, but it is not. You too can switch to higher earnings by registering on the OkayGo app with your phone number and filling in your details. All the delivery jobs available in your locality will be available to you and you can apply for as many as you like. 

For further assistance, our team executive will get in touch with you.  Know why delivery jobs will help you in earning more.

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