Increase your earning per hour

Published on January 03, 2022 by OkayGo

Want to make more money per hour?

Who doesn’t?

Instead of focusing on how to increase your annual pay, consider working out how to make more money per hour, after all, one of your most important assets is your time. 

Understanding your genuine hourly rate (rather than just the hours you work at the office) will assist you in assigning a cost to all of your work-related activities, and also assist you in identifying ways to be more effective at your work.

How to earn per hour?

In today's time there are many jobs that offer hourly basis payment. Some of these jobs offer a fixed hourly rate, while for the others the rate may vary based on how much work you can do.

You are putting in greater hours in the short term in exchange for future rewards over which you have no control.

When you know what your genuine hourly rate is, you'll appreciate your time and the effect of your job in a whole new way. 

Some jobs that offer hourly work payments include:

  1. Freelance writing: Writing today has become an important profession. If you are just starring, getting an hourly rate for your work can be difficult,but if you have established yourself, many companies will be ready to offer you good hourly rates.
  2. Delivery jobs: in case of delivery jobs, the hourly rates are not fixed. Based on how many deliveries you complete, you are paid. You can always efficiently manage your time to increase your earning per hour. Some of the companies to work for that offer good hourly payment inclhde: 

Delivery jobs in Amazon

Delivery jobs in Flipkart

Delivery Jobs in Zomato

Delivery jobs in swiggy

These are some companies that offer good pay and also the freedom to earn per hour.

  1. Designer: Whether it is ad copies, websites or any other design, a designer will always be on the lookout. This has lead to an increase in the demand of designers and they are offered more hourly basis work.
  2. Marketing managers: Gone are the days of office culture, now is the time for individual entrepreneurs like marketing managers who are acting as consultants to various companies an charging an hourly fee for the work.

Though there are many other jobs a available, offering hourly pay, let us  ow discuss how one can increase their hourly prices.

How to increase hourly rate: 

The hourly rate for companies are usually fixed, however if you want to increase your hourly rates follow the below mentioned tips:

  1. Own your skill: no matter which profession you are in, always be th3 master of it. Own your skill and  be the best at it. This will help you in asking for more hourly price. 

You Can also start small and start creating portfolio for yourself. This will create a good impact on the MNC and will really help you in getting higher earning per hour.

  1. Look for multiple options: in today’s time, technology has brought us so close together and knit the world under on roof. This has also opened up various job options for all of us.instead of working for just one company, you can apply for multiple and thus increase your hourly price. 
  2. Time optimization: if you are someone who is paid hourly based onhe work you do, make a plan to optimise your time and get maximum work done with good efficiency. This will help you either to pick up more jobs or  rate a good earning for yourself with a single project. 

How OkayGo can help increase your hourly rate? 

OkayGo is a hiring platform, that provides blue-collar employees with a chance to increase their earnings by ensuring efficient use of their time. OkayGo has partnered with various MNCs like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Delhivery and many more, and help the companies with delivery riders to complete their deliveries. With OkayGo an individual in 4 easy steps can apply for a delivery job and work for more than one company at the same time.

Step 1:

Download the OkayGO app from the Playstore

and log in with your mobile number. 

Step 2: Complete your profile by mentioning your basic details. 

Step 3: You will be shown a list of jobs that are available for you. You can filter the jobs based on your location. 

Step 4: Apply for the job, you want to work for. 

Within 24 hours you will receive a call from OkayGo executive for the further process and in the next 2-3 days you can start your delivery job. 

OkayGo offers special features to all its delivery riders,they can now work for multiple companies at the same time. 

OkayGo ensures that all your delivery work is optimised and you are doing the maximum deliveries that you can do in an hour for :





And many more..


OkayGo is a job portal for both men and women. During the pandemic, many individuals who lost their jobs started their careers again and are now doing exceptionally well in their work. 

Ready to start your journey of more earnings? 

So, if you are someone looking for good opportunities to increase your income and become financially independent, from the comfort of your house, apply for delivery jobs now with OkayGo.

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