How to Renew Driving Licence

Published on December 07, 2021 by OkayGo

Technology has made life easier for everyone. Everything is now available on your smartphone and your home with just a click. You too can be part of this journey by joining the best delivery apps. ‘

Are you looking for a job? 

A quick and smart job opportunity?

Well, we have good news for you. Now you can get a job without a resume or a CV, with OkayGo. It provides you with a platform to get your delivery job with a quick application process and make maximum earning by managing multiple jobs. 

Let us learn how you can get a job and what are the prerequisites for getting a delivery job. 

What does a delivery driver do?

The work of a delivery driver's job is to transport items from one place to another. A delivery driver makes sure the customer's products arrive at their destination at an arranged time and in good condition. Other responsibilities for this position may include Packing, loading and unloading items onto and from the vehicle.

  1. Before leaving to deliver goods, inspect the vehicle. Pack and load things onto trucks according to the company's criteria. 
  2. Deliver orders to customers based on pre-determined itineraries. 
  3. Maintain constant contact with the route dispatcher. 
  4. Unload the goods according to the client's instructions. 
  5. Customers should inspect deliveries to confirm that the products satisfy their requirements. 
  6. Obtain each customer's delivery confirmations.

What do you need for a delivery job?

Now that you know what is required for a delivery job, now let us discuss the requirements for a delivery job. 

The basic requirement for a delivery job is:

  1. 10th or 12th pass: The individual must be a school graduate. They should have passed their 10th or 12th to et a job as a delivery rider. 
  2. Valid Id Proof: Each person applying for a delivery job must have a valid Id proof like an Aadhar card. 
  3. Vehicle: The rider will be required to deliver products to various customers, for which a vehicle will be required, which will help them in quick delivery. 
  4. Driver’s License: With the vehicle, the rider must also have a valid driving license to ensure that he is permitted to drive on the Indian Roads. 
  5. Dedicated to working: Apart from all the above points, a dedication to work is of utmost importance to each candidate. You should be willing to work for long hours delivering products. 

These are some common requirements for a delivery job, however, for different companies, it may vary also.


Driver license for delivery job

A driving license is very important for a delivery job. However, a license is not forever, it is important that you have a valid driving license. You can check the validity of your driving license on your license itself. 

If you have reached the expiry date or are close by, avoid any fines or charges and get your driving license renewed, before you apply for a delivery job with OkayGo. 

Renewing Driver’s License

If you have a licence that needs to be renewed, you must do it before the expiration date. This will not only assist you in avoiding complications when driving across the city but will also act as confirmation that you are a licenced driver. If you have a driver's licence that needs to be renewed, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the website of the RTO (Regional Transport Office). 

Step 2: Select the tab for your driver's licence. 

Step 3: Select Renewal of Driver's License from the drop-down menu. 

Step 4: Fill out an application for a Smart Card Driving License and pay the Rs. 200 fees. 

Step 5: Scan and submit all necessary documents for verification. 

Step 6: Your renewed driver's licence will be issued once the documents have been confirmed.

Before you follow the above steps, make sure to have some documents ready in advance to make the process quick. 

Documents required for the renewal are:

  1. C​​ompletely filled and signed Form 9.
  2. Copy of the original driving license that is about to expire.
  3. In case the driver is over 40-years, a medical certificate along with Form 1 A.
  4. Passport-sized photographs – 2.
  5. Copies of self-attested address and age proof documents.
  6. Rs. 200 application fees along with the receipt.

The above process is completely online and thus very simple. You can get your driving license renewed and then apply for a delivery job. 

How to apply for a delivery job?

There are several ways to work as a delivery driver for an e-commerce company, but one of the finest is to use the OKayGo app. OkayGo is a job-search website that increases wages for blue-collar workers by maximising their hourly earnings. It also gives employers access to untapped labour, adds flexibility, and minimises attrition.

Using the OkayGo app, apply for a delivery job, by following the below steps: 

1 - Go to the Google Play Store and

download the OkayGo Eflex App

, then register with your phone number. 

2 - You will see all of the available Amazon delivery jobs. Apply for a delivery job near you. 

3 - The OkayGo staff will contact you to confirm your selected interview location and times. 

4-Finish your job training. 

5 - Upon completion of the programme, an ID is generated. The rider might begin working the next day after being generated. 

Apply for a delivery job now. 

Why apply for a delivery job with OkayGo?

OkayGo is a great option for anyone seeking a delivery career because it pays well and comes with a lot of perks. It also provides the option to work for a multinational corporation. The following are some of the other reasons why you should become a delivery partner: 

  1. Delivery jobs are now widely available around the country. As a result, you have the opportunity to earn money without having to leave your community. 

Delivery Job in Delhi

Delivery Job in Mumbai

Delivery Job in Bangalore

Delivery Job in Kolkata

  1. Every year, tens of thousands of people apply to work as delivery agents. By applying for a delivery job, you can be a part of the delivery job market as well. 
  2. Good Salary: All of OkayGo's delivery partners can earn a good hourly wage as well as certain additional perks to cover their health and well-being. 
  3. Earn money in your spare time: You can now earn money in your spare time by working for multiple companies and delivering packages with the help of  OkayGo.

Some of the best companies you can work with are:

Best Delivery Jobs in Amazon

Best Delivery Jobs in Zomato

Best Delivery Jobs in Flipkart

Best Delivery Jobs in Swiggy


A delivery job is a great option for all individuals looking to start their journey and want to earn a living by becoming financially independent. Make sure you have checked all the requirements for a delivery rider and start your journey today. 

Apply for a delivery job Now. 

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