How to make Rs 30,000 per month with Delivery jobs

Published on November 09, 2021 by OkayGo

If an opportunity does not knock, make a door

A very common saying that encourages everyone to be responsible for their destiny and their life, helps us understand life better. As kids, we lived without any responsibilities, but as we grow and become more responsible the necessity for a job becomes a priority. 

While there are multiple jobs available, we all search for that job which offers us the freedom and flexibility of type of work and timings. Most jobs promise 9-5 shifts, but it ends up being a 12 -14-hour job that can be busy. 

If you are looking for a good job with the best MNCs in the world, that allows you to secure a job with minimum qualifications and high earning possibilities, then you might want to continue reading.

How can I earn Rs 30,000 a month?


A job that requires minimum effort but basic skills, which will also help you earn Rs 30,000 per month is a delivery Job. From e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, to food delivery partners like Zomato, Swiggy, all are always on the lookout for good delivery agents who can help grow their business and maintain their customer service through timely delivery and good manners.

If you are someone who is 18 years or older and has a valid driving license valid, and the dedication to work hard, a delivery job is the best option for you. You can freely choose your timings while also ensuring that you earn a good salary. 

What is a delivery job?


The function of a delivery driver is to transport goods from one location to another. A delivery driver ensures that the customer's products arrive on schedule and in good shape at their destination. Packing, loading, and unloading products onto and from the van/bike are some of the other responsibilities for this profession

Within a specific area, a delivery service delivers quick, frequently same-day delivery. A delivery service may specialise in one form of delivery, such as food delivery, or it may deliver a variety of products like food, electronics, furniture and more.

Some other responsibilities of a delivery rider are:

  1. Before leaving to deliver goods, inspect the vehicle. Pack and load things onto trucks according to the company's criteria. 
  2. Deliver orders to customers based on predetermined itineraries. 
  3. Maintain constant contact with the route dispatcher. 
  4. Unload the goods according to the client's instructions. 
  5. Customers should inspect deliveries to confirm that the products satisfy their requirements. 
  6. Obtain each customer's delivery confirmations.

How to get a delivery job?

Getting a delivery job is simple. All you must do is follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to Job portals like OkayGo, with your mobile number.

Step 2: Fill in your profile details and your present location

Step 3: You will be shown all the delivery jobs that are available in your area. 

Step 4: Apply to the job that fits your profile and is of your interest.

Once you have applied, you can sit back and relax. A customer care executives will get in touch with you for further processing. They will help you know about the further process of training and onboarding. 

Who can get a delivery Job?

While filling in your details make sure to mention the talents that are required and desired for a delivery driver. Education, prior work experience, certifications, and technical skills are all examples of this. Soft talents and personality qualities that you expect from a successful candidate can also be included. 

Some important details to mention which are required for a delivery driver are: 

  1. A clean driving record.
  2. Excellent customer service abilities 
  3. A pleasant and professional attitude is required.
  4. If you have experience, it helps. 

What are the portals available for Delivery Jobs? 

  • OkayGo
  • Apna
  • Naukri
  • Indeed 
  • Waah Jobs 

And many more

What are the benefits of doing a delivery job?


Delivery job while offers a good salary also provides various other benefits like:

  1. Quick Job: To become a delivery driver, you do not have to wait for days or weeks to get your first assignment. In less than 24 hours you can apply and get started on your delivery work. 
  2. The flexibility of working hours: With a delivery job you do not have to necessarily work for fixed hours. You can choose your time and then get maximum orders in the time.
  3. Good earnings: With a delivery job you can earn more than Rs 500 per day. If you can tackle multiple delivery jobs at once, then you can earn more than Rs 30,000 per month. During the festive season like Diwali, Christmas, when the orders are high, the delivery riders can earn upto Rs 4,000 to Rs 5000 in a single day.
  4. Improve Your Skills: With a delivery job, you can improve your skills like driving, communication, which is a great start to a successful future. 
  5. Part of an international company: By working as a delivery boy you become part of a multinational company that has branches all over the world. This provides you with more exposure and a chance to learn and improve yourself.
  6. Other benefits: Apart from the above, these companies also offer insurance to their delivery partners. Apart from this some companies also offer advance payments in case of emergencies.
  7. Transparent tracking: At any time the delivery partner can track their jobs and know their payment status without any discrepancy.


Which delivery job is best?

Some of the best delivery jobs are :

Delivery Job in Amazon

Delivery Job in Flipkart

Delivery Job in Swiggy

Delivery Job in Zomato

How to Join an Amazon Delivery Boy Job?

To join as an Amazon Delivery Job, apply for the vacancy through OkayGo and fill in all your details. You are required to undergo special training after which you can start work as an Amazon Delivery Partner. 

What is the salary of a delivery boy in Zomato?

A delivery boy in Zomato earns a minimum of Rs 500 a day. However if you couple your Zomato delivery job with other delivery jobs for Amazon, Flipkart or Swiggy you can earn more than Rs 30,000 per month.

You can also opt for multiple delivery jobs simultaneously and increase your earnings manifold. This can be done by downloading the OkayGo app on your android phone.

Can I get a delivery job for women?

Women empowerment can now be seen everywhere. Even in delivery jobs, there are various vacancies for female drivers. There is no gender bias in the case of delivery jobs and if being a female you want to apply for delivery jobs for women, you are free to apply and enjoy the same benefits as men. 

In what cities are delivery jobs available? 

With the growing reach of e-commerce, delivery jobs are now available in all Tier 1, Tier 2 and some Tier 3 cities. So no matter what your location, you can apply for a Delivery Job and start working from your hometown. Some cities include:

Delivery Jobs in Delhi

Delivery Jobs in Mumbai

Delivery Jobs in Ahmedabad

Delivery Jobs in Bangalore

How fast can I get a delivery Job?

You can get a delivery job in less than 24 hours. There is a job for everyone, all you have to do is register yourself on the portal and apply for the job in your location. 


A delivery job can help you become financially strong and mentally free. So look for a delivery job near you and apply now to get maximum benefits.

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