How to Get Diwali Advance in Delivery Job?

Published on November 26, 2021 by OkayGo

Festival advance is a common practice all over the world. Different countries celebrate different festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Id and more. Did you know that the Diwali bonus is not just for office employees? Even delivery riders associated with OkayGo can now get a Diwali advance.

It might sound strange right now but let us discuss what the delivery job is and how to get a Diwali advance. 

What is a delivery job?

The new-age technology has given rise to various MNCs in the e-commerce and food delivery sector. This has led to the need for riders to help in delivery, pickup, return etc. The delivery driver is an entry-level job, who is responsible for delivering various items to different addresses as assigned. 

The job involves tasks like collecting payments whenever necessary and maintaining a log of all the deliveries.

Getting Diwali advance

Diwali is a festive time when everyone waits for their bonus. While some companies provide electronic items, sweets, home decor or cash. 

If you are a delivery rider and wondering whether you will be given a bonus this Diwali or not, here is your answer.

Sale Season

: Diwali is the sale season where almost all the companies like Amazon, Flipkart have their much-awaited season sale. The sale comes with numerous discounts and offers. This is also the time when the number of orders on each e-commerce platform increases multifold.

More offers more number of orders, more work for the delivery riders, which ultimately leads to higher earnings per day. Even the food delivery companies offer huge discounts on each order, so the number of orders increases, leading to higher earnings. 

  1. Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

    : Every year the Amazon Great Indian Festival comes with exciting offers and discounts. This year too the Amazon Great Indian Festival amazon’s sale offers the perfect opportunity to fulfil your shopping bucket list at a discounted price.

    There were deals On Mobiles, Electronics, Laptops, Home Products, And Much More. So this Diwali Shop for Badi Bachat (Big Savings). The sale continued for close to a month. It started on the 3rd October 2021 and ended on the 2nd November 2021. 

    During the Amazon Sale, the delivery drivers earned more than Rs 3000 per day.

    Some of the Amazon Sales around the year to earn more include:

    Tanmay Pal, a fellow rider of OkayGo from Kolkata has something to say about his earning during the month of October

  2. Flipkart Big Diwali Sale

    : Similar to Amazon, Flipkart too has an annual Diwali sale, called Flipkart’s Big Diwali Sale. The week-long celebration sale this year started on the 28th of October and ended on the 3rd of Nov, 2021. Besides the massive discounts, it also had various cashback offers on credit cards and debit cards of various banks. 

    The deals were applicable on electronics, fashion, home decor products, books, stationery and more.

    Khilendra from Chattisgarh has been part of the OkayGO family for the past 7 months. Listen to his experience of working with OkayGo as a delivery partner.

  3. Zomato Sale

    : Diwali is the time for celebration, and all festivals are incomplete without good food and friends. So every Diwali party whether in the office or at home has huge orders coming from Zomato. In this time you can increase your earnings, and also get a Diwali bonus by delivering maximum orders. It is important that you choose the shift timings wisely to make the most of these orders. 

    Some festival times when the Zomato receives maximum orders are:

    Apart from the festive times, online orders also see a spike during the weekends. 

  4. Swiggy Sale

    : Similar to Zomato, Swiggy has a lot of offers on order delivery. With the increase in the number of orders, you can deliver maximum orders and earn maximum money. 

    Thus, though the bonus for the others is fixed, the bonus for delivery riders is variable and will depend on how hard they are ready to work. 

    Last year the orders on New year for Swiggy were so high, that it found it difficult to manage the orders and had an ETa of 1-2 hours for an order. This increase in the number of orders benefitted not just the restaurants but also the riders doing a delivery job in Swiggy by OkayGo. 

    The f

    uture of online food delivery is very bright

    and Swiggy is among the top players. So if you are looking for a job, apply for a delivery job at Swiggy and become financially independent. 

OkayGo advance

: This provision though not very common, is offered to all the delivery riders who apply for a delivery job through OkayGo. To ensure that all the riders are financially independent, OkayGo offers advance payment. 

This provision allows the riders to take advance payments for their work. This also acts as an emergency fund for drivers, who contact the OkayGo executives for the advance payments. 

Key Features:

  • No need to wait until month end to get a payout.
  • Get advance before your payout comes.
  • Money instantly transferred to your account

This advance payment is only offered to delivery riders who apply for a delivery job through the OkayGo app. The process is simple;

  1. Download the OkayGo app
  2. Register through your mobile number
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Apply for delivery jobs in multiple companies. 


ख़ुदी को कर बुलंद इतना कि हर तक़दीर से पहले ख़ुदा बंदे से ख़ुद पूछे बता तेरी रज़ा क्या

Agar aap bhi dedicated h aur mehnat krne ko taiyaar h, a delivery job is a perfect opportunity for you. With so many options to choose from, start your delivery job journey today with OkayGo and enjoy a job that offers you good money, the flexibility of timing and freedom of work. 

Apply for Delivery Job Now.

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