How to find 10th pass jobs easily?

Published on December 02, 2021 by OkayGo

It is a highly competitive world, and finding the right job for yourself can get a little tiring. However, the good part is that today the focus is less on your formal education or your qualifications; instead, you are judged based on your skills and intelligence. So even if you have only completed your matriculation and are looking for a 10th pass job that can help pave a path for your future.

Why is a 10th pass job required?

Many individuals, both men and women, in India, have to leave school due to financial or family pressure. For women especially some parents are still not sure if they should educate their girl child.. Due to these reasons and many more, research has shown that in India while 11.1%. People are 10th pass only 8.6% are 12th pass. The huge gap in education is one of the reasons why 10th pass individuals feel they cannot get a job. 

Well, this is only a myth today. Anyone who is passionate to work can now get a job with the best MNCs and start their career. 

The benefits of this job are:

  1. You can take care of yourself and your family
  2. You can continue your studies 
  3. You can become financially independent.

Let us look at what you need for a job and the companies recruiting people for such jobs. 

How to get a 10th pass job?

Before we discuss the job options available, let us start with some important points that will be of great help to you and will open your path to a professional journey.

  1. Know yourself 

This is the most important part. Before taking any career steps, it is critical to first understand yourself. Make a list of the things you're particularly strong at and look for opportunities in those areas, such as sales, business, writing, coding, dancing, cooking, dramatics, sports, and so on. You have a greater range of possibilities to pick from than degree holders, who are limited to what their qualifications allow them to perform.

  1. Create Your identity

While a formal CV may not be required when applying for a 10th pass fresher job because you will not have enough experience to highlight, it is still crucial to have a professional identity. You can create a profile on a professional networking site, for example, OkayGo, where our experts help you get a job that is most suitable for your profile. OkayGO helps in creating a professional network and uncovering fascinating 10th pass prospects.

  1.  Work on your soft skills

As mentioned earlier, your soft skills, in addition to your passions and practical talents, can help you take the next step toward a great future. Whether you're a 10th grader, a 12th grader, or a graduate, talents like effective communication, leadership, critical thinking, time management, problem-solving, and language skills can help you find a great career.

  1. Find the right platform

    There are multiple job platforms in India that promise you a job. While some of them are scams, others can be really helpful for you. From the good ones, based on your skills you can choose the one that specifically works on 10th pass jobs. OkayGo is one such platform, that allows 10th pass individuals to apply for a delivery job without much hassle. All you have to do is register on the OkayGo app with your mobile number, fill in your details and start your journey today.  No CV, just 3 simple steps and you are good to go.

  2. Choose the right filters

    With OkayGo you can also use the right filters and sort the jobs based on your preference like location, qualification, salary and more. Make sure that you choose the right filters to get accurate job results.

    The above are some important factors that will help you in getting the best 10th pass jobs. Now that you know what is required let us discuss some jobs that you can apply for. 

10th pass job options

Are you worried that you do not have many job options? And that with these minimum qualifications you might not be able to make a good living? 

Well, let us break these norms for you. Job and salary will depend on how much work you are ready to do and how many hours you can put into the job.

Some 10th pass job options include:

Delivery Jobs:

With the increase in e-commerce and food delivery companies, the delivery jobs available has increased multifold. It has also become one of the most common job options for 10th pass individuals. OkayGo offers multiple delivery job options that are suited to your location. Some of the benefits of taking a delivery job with OkayGo are:

  1. Higher earnings: With OkayGo you can increase your earnings by taking a delivery job in multiple companies. OkayGo offers it’s delivery riders the option where they can choose more than one delivery job and manage them efficiently with the OkayGo efflex app. Through this, you can choose your working slots and manage your time in the best way possible. Some of the companies you can work on are:

Delivery Jobs in Amazon

Delivery Jobs in Swiggy

Delivery Jobs in Flipkart

Delivery Jobs in Zomato

In the Month of October 2021, the delivery riders with OkayGO made more than Rs 45000 in a month.

  1. Flexible job timings: The timings in a delivery job are not fixed. You can choose your own delivery slot and work timings. In the timings you choose, OkayGo schedules all your delivery work so that you can make maximum money. This will also be helpful if you are continuing your further studies or have kids at home. 
  2. No need to relocate: With delivery jobs, you are not required to relocate to a new location. At the comfort of your house, you can now take up a delivery job and increase your earrings, while also taking care of your family.  Some locations for delivery jobs are:

Delivery Jobs in Delhi NCR

Delivery Jobs in Mumbai

Delivery jobs in Gurgaon

Delivery Jobs in Bangalore

Delivery Jobs in Kolkata

  1. Advance payment: OkayGo has now started its new feature of advance payment. Through this, you can now get advance payments in case of any emergencies. Though the payment cycle in OkayGo is of 14 days, through this facility you can take early payments for the work you will do in the coming month. 
  2. Minimum Qualifications: For a delivery job, the qualifications are fairly minimal. A 10th pass individual can get a delivery job if he/she has a relevant driving license.
  3. Customer Care: OkayGo customer care is always available for you. No matter what time of the day, you can always contact the customer care executives and get your problems sorted. 


There are various driver jobs also available for 10th pass men and women. In this job, you are required to have a relevant driving license and you are good to go. 


It is never too late to start again, so get a delivery job with OkayGo too and start on your journey to a brighter future today. Download the OkayGo app Now.

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