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Published on November 14, 2021 by OkayGo

Gone are the days when women sat behind veils, waiting for their kids and husband to return. The 21st century is the modern-day age where women empowerment is not just a phrase but a feeling that both men and women are promoting. This is evident from the fact that the discrimination in gender, earlier prevalent in most of the jobs has now been removed. 

While earlier women preferred jobs that had more women colleagues, now women are taking up all kinds of jobs including delivery jobs.

Why do women need to do a job?

The reason for women doing jobs and its pros and cons have been a topic of debate for a very long time now. However, now people have understood the reason and the benefit of working women. Some of these benefits are: 

  1. Support to the family: A working woman can help support her family financially, emotionally and save them from hard times. The more number of earning hands will increase the family's income and help them live a good life.
  2. Builds up Confidence: Going to work every day and completing the day’s task boosts the confidence of women, which helps them work harder. 
  3. Skill development: By working women step out of their comfort zone, and learn a new skill that helps them be good at their work and also improve at what they are doing. 
  4. Growth of the country: It is said that if you educate a woman, she will educate the entire family, thus the whole country. Similarly, if women of India start going to work it will help in the development of the country as a whole. 
  5. Become independent: The women by going out to work become confident and also independent. They no longer depend on the male member of the family to bring money. 
  6. Safe Environment: The more women step out of their homes to work, the more policies will be shaped to keep them safe, the safer the society will be for all. 

These are some reasons why women must take a job no matter how small or big it is. 

Can women work as delivery partners?

This is a common question that the OkayGO executives are asked. The answer to this is yes, women can become delivery partners as long as they are willing and have a valid driving license. Having a vehicle is a bonus.

All the companies now have vacancies for women delivery riders. If you do not trust us, check out some best jobs for women:

Swiggy Delivery job for women

Amazon Delivery Job for Women

Zomato Delivery Job for Women

Flipkart Delivery Job for Women

Is it safe for women to work as delivery partners?

Safety is a major concern when it comes to women working. Especially in delivery jobs where they have to travel to deliver food or other packages to someone’s house, safety comes as a major hurdle. 

However, the companies understand this concern which is why they have a very transparent and strong system in place for the safety of women delivery partners. 

Some of the factors that make it safe for women delivery partners are:

  1. GPS Tracking

    : All the packages that go out for delivery, whether it is for a food partner like Zomato or Swiggy, or an e-commerce company like Amazon or Flipkart, have a GPS tracking system that allows the company to track the location of each delivery rider. This ensures that the women are safe and their location is known at all times. (We can put a cool graphic here)

  2. The flexibility of order

    : Each delivery rider has the option to choose the order that they want to deliver. So this ensures complete transparency in the orders being given.

  3. The flexibility of timing: For all delivery jobs, the flexibility of time is a great benefit. The women can choose their working timing wisely and only work on the hours in which they feel safe. They can choose to work during the day timings and avoid night shifts.

Benefits to women drivers

Apart from the various safety measures that have been taken up by various companies for the well-being of women delivery riders, there are also a lot of benefits for women drivers. Some of these benefits are: 

  1. Menstrual leaves

    : Acknowledging the monthly trouble that women go through, various companies are now offering Menstrual leaves to women. The food-delivery giant Swiggy has announced a two-day paid monthly period leave policy for female delivery partners. So now female delivery riders can continue doing their jobs without worrying about your monthly cycles.

  1. Insurance: Delivery jobs not only offer you good earning and leave but also ensure you are healthy and fit. Companies provide health insurance to all their delivery partners as well their families. 
  2. Payment: The payment offered by the companies to their delivery partners is good and with the help of OkayGo you can have a payment cycle of 14 days. In case of an emergency, OkayGO also offers advance payment to all its delivery partners. 
  3. Higher-income: As a woman, if you want to maximize your earning, you can apply for multiple jobs at the same time and ensure a good earning. 

So isn't it simple, with one job you not only secure your future, but the future of your entire family.

How can women apply for delivery jobs?

Are you excited to start your journey as a female delivery rider? Well, wait no more, you can start today by following the simple 4 step process to apply for any delivery job on OkayGo. 

Step 1: Download the

OkayGo app from the play store

Step 2: Register on the app with your mobile number and create your personal Profile.

Step 3: Find all the delivery jobs available for you and apply for the jobs based on your location. 

Step 4: Sit back and relax, our executives will get in touch with you for the future process. 

No matter where you are located, you can apply to all the delivery jobs through one single app, OkayGo. Some of the cities that OkayGO serves are:

Delivery Jobs in Delhi

Delivery Jobs in NCR

Delivery Jobs in Gurgaon

Delivery Jobs in Bangalore

Delivery Jobs in Kolkata

Delivery Jobs near you

Best Delivery Jobs for females?

There are various delivery jobs available for women, however, if you are looking for a job that will help you earn good money, while also balancing your home, then these are some of the best jobs to apply for:

  1. Delivery Job in Zomato for women: In Zomato the drivers are required to pick up the food items ordered by the customers, and deliver  it to them safely in a certain time period.
  2. Delivery Job in Amazon: In Amazon, the drivers need to pick up electronics, groceries, stationery, or fashion items that are ordered by customers from Amazon Marketplace and deliver them safely. In some cases, you will also have to pick up return items. 
  3. Delivery Job in Flipkart: As a delivery partner in Flipkart you will be required to pick up electronics, groceries, stationery, grocery or fashion items that are ordered by customers from Flipkart and deliver them. In some cases, you will also have to pick up return items. 
  4. Delivery Job in Swiggy: In Swiggy, similar to Zomato,  the drivers are required to pick up the food items ordered by the customers, and deliver it to them safely in a certain time period.

Based on which job suits you most, you can either apply for a single delivery job or multiple jobs through the OkayGo app. 

Requirements for Delivery Job

If you want to apply for a delivery job, here are some requirements you must know: 

  1. Qualifications: Driving, 12th Pass, 10th Pass, RC book, PAN card, Smartphone
  2. Benefits: 
  • 15 day Payment cycle
  • Flexible work timings- morning/ afternoon/ evening/ late night
  • Referral Bonus
  • Insurance Coverage 
  • Attractive incentives
  1. Salary: Up to ₹30,000.00 per month
  2. Language: Hindi, thoda English (Preferred)
  3. License/Certification:2 wheeler driving license (Preferred)


नारी का सम्मान एक सभ्य परिवार, समाज और देश की पहचान हैं.

Iss samman ke liye zaruri h ki hum females ke liye ek safe working space banaye. With the changes in company policy, female delivery partners are now a common sight. You too can become a delivery rider now. Apply Now

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