Bringing more job opportunities to cities in Bharat

Published on February 13, 2022 by OkayGo

India is a budding economy and research suggests that 92.1% of the total working population in India is currently employed, as of July 2021. This rate is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years. 

The Indian youth contributes to one-fifth of the Indian population, and with this percentage, the number of available jobs will surely increase to ensure that more job opportunities are created in the cities of India. 

OkayGo is an online platform helping blue-collar employees increase their income, have partnered with various large MNCs like Flipkart, Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy and more, to offer job opportunities in many Indian big and small cities. 

How to increase job opportunities?

The government recently coined the name ‘ Atmabharat’, an independent India where everyone will be self-reliant and create more opportunities for other fellow Indians. Some of the ways OkayGo helps increase job opportunities are:

A. More delivery jobs:

The increase in technology and the spread of e-commerce companies to small cities in India has created numerous delivery jobs for many people. Not just men, but now even women can take up delivery jobs and be financially free. 

Delivery drivers operate vehicles like bikes, cars, cycles and more so they can collect and transport goods to their destination. This helps the companies in making their service more efficient, while also creating a source of employment for all the drivers. 

B. Gender-neutral jobs:

It is important that the job opportunities created are gender  neutral, that is, both men and women can take up these jobs. Ensuring gender neutral jobs allows employment opportunities for everyone in the society, thus ensuring that more individuals are employed. 

C. Provide basic facilities:

For all individuals looking for a job, it is important that their basic needs are taken care of. If one can provide job opportunities that take care of insurance, family, then more individuals will be interested in taking up these jobs. 

D. Good earnings:

Apart from the basic facilities, a good earning offers a complete package to entice the youth of India in Tier1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities. Getting a delivery job with OkayGo ensures that your earrings are taken care of properly. OkayGo allows individuals to work for multiple companies at the same time, optimising their per-hour work. 

E. Special Facilities:

While many companies provide basic facilities, some special facilities help in attracting more people. Some of the special facilities provided by OkayGo to all its delivery riders are:

1. Advance Payment:

OkayGo provides advance payment to all its delivery riders in case of emergency, which behaves like a cushion for any unforeseen circumstances that may come. So before you complete your monthly deliveries, based on your past performance, OkayGo offers you advance payment. 

2. Geo Tracking:

OkayGo cares for the safety of all its delivery riders, so it has installed geolocation tracking that helps OkayGo keep track of all the delivery riders, thus keeping them safe. 

3. Health Insurance:

OkayGo offers health insurance to the delivery riders and also their family. 

4. Higher earning opportunity:

OkayGo allows the riders to apply for multiple jobs at the same time and makes sure that the riders have a delivery job during their working hours. This helps in increasing the hourly rates. 

With the above various facilities, OkayGo is attracting more and more individuals to take up delivery jobs in their city and thus increasing the job opportunities in all cities in Bharat. 

Apply for a delivery job with OkayGo

How to apply for a job with OkayGo?

Are you looking for job opportunities?

Do you have a valid driving licence?

Are you dedicated to earning a living?

If you answered with a yes to all the above, then read on.. 

Take your first step towards a life that offers you higher earnings, freedom of work hours, health insurance and more, by applying for a job with OkayGo.

Step 1:

Download the OkayGo Eflex App on your Android phone from the Google play store

Step 2: Register on the app with your mobile number, and you will receive an OTP for login in. 

Step 3: Complete your user profile by filling in your basic details. 

Step 4: Based on the details mentioned above, you will be offered various job opportunities available in your area. You can also filter the jobs as per your preference. 

Some of the job preferences include:

  1. Job by company:

Delivery Jobs in Amazon

Delivery Jobs in Swiggy

Delivery Jobs in Flipkart

Delivery Jobs in Zomato

  1. Job by location

Delivery Jobs in Delhi

Delivery jobs in Pune

Delivery Jobs in Mumbai

Delivery Jobs in Bangalore


Step 5: Click on the job posting you like and apply directly through the

OkayGo app

Step 6: You can also apply for multiple jobs and increase your earning. 

With these 6 simple steps you can get a job. After this the OkayGo executives will get in touch with you for further processes. Which may include:

  1. Training: All delivery riders have to undergo a training organised by the company you have applied for a job with. This will guide and help you in completing delivery jobs for various companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy and more. 
  2. Get company Merchandise: The company you will be working for offers their merchandise for your use and promotions. You might have to go to their centres to collect these merchandise. 
  3. Verification: The OkayGo executives will help you in completing your verification before you start your job. For this you will require a valid driving licence, an identification proof like Aadhar. 

With over 10,000 delivery riders already a part of the OkayGo family, we aim to help other people also in getting good jobs in their areas. During the pandemic too OkayGo helped various individuals who lost their jobs, in getting back on their feet. 

Know what our delivery riders have to say about us:

Tanmay Pal increased his earnings during the month of October, Sale season.

Khilendra from Chhattisgarh has been part of the OkayGo family from the past 7 months. Know what he has to say:

You too can be part of the OkayGO family.

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