10 reasons to apply for delivery jobs through OkayGo

Published on October 06, 2021 by OkayGo

Employment in the 21st century is different from what it was a decade back. Instead of getting one permanent job, people are switching to the part-time / gig job economy, where you can work for multiple companies at the same time. One such example is delivery jobs. 

Delivery Jobs have become the new-age employment opportunity for individuals who are looking for quick access to gigs while also ensuring higher income. If you too are looking for a delivery job, but are not sure how to apply we can help you out. Learn more about how a delivery job can help you earn more money. Keep reading….

Why get a Delivery Job?

If you are reading this article, you are interested in getting a delivery job, but still not sure are you?

Is being a delivery driver worth it? Or is it a mistake? Maybe you have heard some great things. Or also some horror stories?

These are some benefits that Delivery jobs offer:

  1. The flexibility of shifts: Unlike other jobs, delivery jobs are not 9-5 jobs. You have the flexibility of working hours and the option to work at your convenience. Also, there is no fixed daily quota that you need to fulfill. Hence based on your routine and the shift timing that provides you the maximum profit you can get your job done. 
  2. Multiple options: There are multiple delivery options available in India. As more and more companies are making their way to India, the delivery jobs in Delhi, delivery jobs in Mumbai, and Delivery Jobs in Bangalore are increasing. So you have multiple options to choose from. 
  3. Good Pay: Delivery partners are not employees of the companies, but contractual business partners that help in the daily operations. they are offered good pay.
  4. Extra Benefits: Delivery job benefits are not restricted to pay. Companies also offer extra perks to their delivery agents including insurance and doctor on call.

With so many benefits, more and more people are opting for delivery jobs to sustain their living and offer their family a good lifestyle.

How to apply for Delivery Jobs?


With the rise in the e-commerce and food delivery businesses, the delivery jobs are increasing at a fast pace and if you want to get benefits then this is the best time. There are vacancies for delivery jobs that are offered by various organizations, however, if you do not want to wait and want to start as soon as possible, there are various online job platforms that can be of great help.

These platforms allow hard-working individuals, who have a valid driving license to become financially independent by dedicating their daily hours to deliver goods to people. While many platforms will help you get a delivery job it is important to choose the one that offers you the opportunity to earn maximum money in the time that you work.

OkayGo is an online platform that believes in changing the lives of each individual by offering them better delivery job opportunities and higher-earning per day.

Advantages of applying for delivery jobs with OkayGo


You might have a lot of apprehensions about the delivery job but with OkayGo you can reap maximum benefits. Here are some benefits that you get if you apply for a delivery job with the OkayGo app.

  1. Years of experience: OkayGo has helped over 10,000 individuals get delivery jobs with the top companies of the world. Our years of experience have helped us partner with major e-commerce companies and offer our delivery partners the best earnings in the delivery industry and a positive environment for them to grow. 
  2. Easy and Fast Process: OkayGo understands the importance and the urgency of getting a delivery job which is why we offer an easy three-step process for your application. All you have to do is :

Step 1: Download the OkayGo app from the Play Store. 

Step 2: Log in to the OkayGo app through your mobile number. 

Step 3: Apply to the delivery job you are interested in 

Once you have applied, our executives will take care of everything and inform you about the onboarding process. 

  1. Smooth and Easy Onboarding: OkayGo has partnered with various companies and thus offers a smooth and easy onboarding process. Whether it is for a delivery job in Swiggy, Delivery Job in Zomato, Delivery Job In Amazon, or any other company, our executives guide you throughout the journey and ensure that you have an easy recruitment process. 
  2. The flexibility of Time: OkayGo’s partnerships with various organizations allows the delivery partners to work at their discretion. They are offered the flexibility of time and an assurance of a job, during their timing. So with OkayGo, you are guaranteed a regular income along with the flexibility of time. 
  3. Higher Earnings: With the OkayGo app you can apply for multiple delivery jobs at once, and increase your income by 50%. You can now work for more than one company at once and earn more than Rs 35,000 per month. 

Some of the best companies in which you can get a delivery job with the help of the OkayGo app are Flipkart, Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato etc. Apply for Delivery Job Now.

Apply for Delivery Job in Flipkart

Apply for delivery Job in Amazon

Apply for Delivery Job in Swiggy

Apply for a Delivery job in Zomato

  1. Extra benefits: We care for our partners, and understand that healthcare expenses in India are rising, so OkayGo offers medical benefits to all its delivery boys. This helps you to work without worry. We also offer Corona cover along with medical and accidental insurance to each delivery partner.
  2. Complete transparency: OkayGo believes in trust and maintains complete transparency of your work. Through our OkayGo app, each delivery boy can check their daily earnings and be guaranteed that their hard-working is being paid for well. 
  3. Quick Payment Cycle: The Payment cycle that OkayGo follows is weekly or bimonthly. OkayGo also allows you to get early advance payment with a minimum processing fee. 
  4. Instant Support and Assistance: Right from when you log in, our executives are always there at your service to ensure that you have smooth onboarding as well as a good job experience. If you face any problem you can always contact our instant support team and they will be happy to help you. Our support details are available on the OkayGo app. 
  5. Referral Offers: Once you are onboard OkayGo and doing a delivery job, OkayGo offers an exciting opportunity for you to earn some extra money. Share with friends and family your journey and help them get a delivery job too. If they register you too will get extra referral benefits of upto Rs 1,500. Refer More, Earn More.


If you are convinced that a delivery job is for you and want to pursue your dreams, some soft skills that will help you are being a good driver, having good communication skills, a keen directional sense, and hard work. So let your journey begin with OkayGo and enjoy your financial independence.

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